Who We Are

Campus Banner & Design employs a team of dedicated, hard-working students committed to bringing our customers the best services and products possible from a fun atmosphere that fosters professional growth. We come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, but we all possess skill sets uniquely suited to meet our clients’ needs. CB+D began as a part of the Union Program and Activities Council (UPAC) nine years ago but is now a growing business with close ties to the Student Affairs Publications department. We work with on- and off-campus clients, and our services are tailored to suit the creative design and communication needs of each project. From writers to photographers, designers to web developers, CB+D has the resources to consistently produce high-quality products.
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The CB+D staff collaborates on nearly every project we do. Our team mentality ensures that from design conception to final products, everything we produce is aesthetically and informatively pleasing. Our academic backgrounds range from graphic communications and digital production arts to communication studies and marketing. Our specialties complement each other and create a diverse work environment in which creativity and productivity are constantly thriving.


Liberty, S.C.
Management Graduate Student
Production Manager

While I was attending Clemson as an undergraduate, I was an operations management intern with Target. In a simplified version, my job was to ensure a smooth flow of goods from vendors to the stores. To increase my knowledge within my field, I decided to come back to Clemson to earn a Master of Science in Management.

I decided to work with Campus Banner & Design during graduate school to help further my background and experience with management. It’s a great job because it is what I want to do when I’m finished with my master’s degree. This assistantship offers me a great opportunity. When I’m not in class or at work, I enjoy playing golf, playing and watching basketball or watching football with my buddies.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• learn new physical skills and develop knowledge of print processes,
• help manage constraints better,
• help CB+D transition smoothly at the end of semester.


Glennville, G.A.
Graphic Communications Graduate Student
Production Manager

I came to Clemson after graduating from Armstrong State University with a BFA. I always wanted to be a graphic designer, but I was hesitant when I learned I would have to go through Fine Arts at Armstrong State. I had never taken an art class in my life, but it was so rewarding to jump in and overcome those doubts. The next step, transferring into the Clemson Graphic Communications program, has exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned so much beyond those basic design skills. My eyes have been opened to the world of print and it has added so much to my work.

I chose to work at Campus Banner & Design because I hope to further my teaching and management skills. Outside of school and work, I live pretty laid back. I love reading and watching old movies. An evening hanging out with friends is also something I enjoy. I’ve been so fortunate to meet some really awesome people here in Clemson.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• give back in ways that I was helped creatively; after interning previously in an environment similar to CB+D, I want to take skills I learned in that experience,
• continue teaching students in their design work,
• Gain new management experience.


Gastonia, N.C.
Visual Arts
Art Director

I was born and raised in Gastonia, N.C. I spent my childhood as a weird, creative kid with a wild imagination. If I wasn’t building and making things, I was taking them apart. I moved to Shelby, N.C., at age 18 and got an auto body degree from the community college there. My interest in how things work led me to begin studying mechanical engineering at Clemson. I quickly learned that engineering was not what I expected, and I found my way into the visual arts program. An internship with the campus art gallery landed me in Creative Services, the design firm for the University. They introduced me to CB+D, and here I am.

I have three goals while working for CB+D

1. analyze customer relations,
2. optimize production processes,
3. facilitate efficient teamwork.


Yorkville, I.L.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I decided on my major with the help of my parents. During middle school, I thought it was “cool” and “fun” to run a MySpace layout page. On this page, I would make and edit signs for other sites, code layouts and find different pictures and sayings that others would like to use. I started this site without knowing people actually went to school and did this type of stuff for a living. My parents caught on to what I was doing and how much time I would spend staring at a computer screen, which is when they brought up the idea of me being a Graphic Designer. Once I entered high school, I took art classes, web design classes and my first Graphic Communication class. From then on, I knew this was something that I had to do, and I was going to make a name for myself. To this day I still stand by that decision and I could not be happier.

The first time I visited Clemson I could not help but notice all the creative banners around campus. It dawned on me, with this being such an accredited Graphic Communications college, they had to be designed here. At that moment, I knew it would be the cool to be able to say I made a banner hanging around campus. When I met students from Campus Banner & Design at Intern Employer Day, I knew it was a great fit. I felt like I could relate to the company with it being a student-run organization. It was on campus and I was excited they were looking for design interns. The rest is history!

Outside of school, interning and working as a bartender, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am easy going and I am always up for adventures, traveling and new experiences. I love listening to music, goofing around, laughing, creating things and enjoying life.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. gain a better understanding of printers and substrate types,
2. gain insight on what it would be like to work as a designer and on a design team
3. enjoy my time here, absorb in all the knowledge and information I can!


Powdersville, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer/Social Media Intern

I am currently a Senior in the Graphic Communications program here at Clemson. I’ve been interested in graphics since I was on the yearbook staff in middle school and have known for a long time that I wanted to pursue a career in the graphics industry. I interned with Campus Banner & Design during this past summer and jumped at the chance to come back this fall and work in an office with a group of people I have come to love. I have gained so much experience and knowledge during my time here thus far and I’m excited to see what all I learn during this semester.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. do my best working with customers and leaving them with a great impression of myself and Campus Banner & Design,
2. make sure I complete my jobs on time (if not early!) so that customers want to come back to us again for their printing and design needs,
3. work well with my fellow employees and make great friends I know I will love working with!


Darlington, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I was born and raised in Darlington, South Carolina and graduated from Darlington High School in 2011. I always knew that Clemson was the place for me – it’s in my blood.

My father, grandfather, and great grandfather all attended Clemson and graduated with degrees in engineering. I am currently a junior in graphic communications, after switching majors from engineering. I come from a family who owns a family-run graphics business in which we design and letter anything from yard signs to semi-trucks. I love designing and pretty much anything graphics. I am more than graphics though; I love singing, hanging out on the farm and swimming, just to name a few. I am so excited to be working at Campus Banner & Design.

I have three goals while working for CB+D:

  • To gain more design and production experience.
  • To gain real life experience.
  • To improve my skills in customer service.


Easley, S.C.
Graphic Communications

I am from Easley, S.C. and I am a photography intern at Campus Banner & Design. I enjoy photography and painting. I am passionate about my faith and my family. After graduation, I plan to travel or maybe open my own business.

In addition to my interest in graphic communications and photography, I love the outdoors, going for hikes and animals. Something that makes me unique is that I am sort of ambidextrous. You could say that I am left-handed because I write with my left hand, but I do everything else with my right.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. improve interpersonal skills,
2. improve coordinating and planning skills,
3. think more outside the box with photography.


Pinopolis, S.C.
Marketing and English
Campus Recreation Writing Intern

I decided to be an English major because it was my favorite subject in high school. After deciding on a business administration minor and taking an introductory marketing course, I decided to add another major—marketing. I love learning how to be an effective communicator through reading and writing, while also learning about the business and corporate world. I chose this internship because I wanted an experience where I could practice my writing and editing skills for promotional materials. I want to work in Public Relations, and I felt that this internship was the best match to incorporate both of my majors. Outside of school and work, I can be found at the gym or taking my dogs on outdoor adventures with my roommates. I also love to read and watch movies with friends.

1. To practice my writing and editing skills on a number of different projects
2. To enhance my knowledge of AP style
3. To expand my knowledge of design while working in InDesign


Clemson, S.C.
Political Science
Writing Intern

I have always been fascinated with government and politics. It is an exciting and fast paced world that directly impacts the daily lives of every citizen. Learning about the theoretical and practical factors driving the political arena in the United States, and around the world, is truly intriguing. Additionally, I wanted to be wholly educated and prepared for anything—I think my Political Science degree is constantly helping me learn to think critically and prepare for many career choices. I am thrilled to have this internship because it is so different from my other Clemson experiences. The work that is produced in this office is incredible! I am so proud that Clemson is able to produce so much creative content in-house and on campus. The quality of this production is always very high, always creative, and always innovative. I am excited to work in this environment right here in Clemson!

I love being involved at Clemson. This place has given me so much and I look forward to giving back both during and after my time as a student. At Clemson, I am grateful to be serving as the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Undergraduate Student Government, the Treasurer for South Carolina Student Legislature, a Director for the CU Water Drop Project, and the Student Chair on the Student Memorial Chapel and Garden Committee. I also enjoy being a member of Clemson’s Model UN team and attending FCA. When I am not doing any of this, you can find me having lunch at the Esso, spending time on the lake, or watching a documentary.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• become comfortable editing creative writing content,
• learn more about the publications industry,
• create messaging that is very successful with the student body.


Madison, G.A.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer/Marketing Intern

When people ask me why I decided to major in graphic communications, I usually tell them it is because I am extremely right-brained. I have always been interested in marketing and business, but I also wanted to be involved with the design side. I have done some freelance album work in the past and wanted to continue working with projects like that. It’s awesome getting to further my design skills at CB+D because I get to take classes at the same time. That makes it an overall great experience.
One interesting thing about me is that I’m in a hip-hop band back home. It’s so much fun. We pull from all sorts of music from Tupac to the Beatles, so it is hard to say whom we sound like. Outside of my music, though, I love to play basketball.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. develop my advertisement and marketing expertise,
2. advance my knowledge of Creative Suite,
3. get involved with projects for Clemson’s Campus.


Little Mountain, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I originally became interested in graphics because of some classes I took in high school. When I came to Clemson, I wanted to major in something that allowed me to be creative but at the same time was practical enough to get me a job after graduation. Graphic communications offered me just that. I am really glad to have found this internship on campus so I can get more experience in the graphics world while still being near my friends.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy playing soccer and working on my photography. I also am a huge Netflix binger. Mad Men is my most recent binge even if Betty Draper is the absolute worst.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• continue to extend my knowledge and ability using Adobe CreativeSuite,
• become more familiar with being a leader and working in a group setting,
• gain more experience as a graphic designer and add work to my portfolio.


South Salem, N.Y.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I am a senior graphic communications major from South Salem, N.Y., who loves soccer, track and basketball. I am also the only girl among five brothers, which makes for some interesting but fun times when we travel together.

I originally started at Clemson as a psychology major. I decided later on to switch to graphic communications because I have always had an eye for design. I love being creative and bringing things to life. I wanted to bring my design skills to Campus Banner & Design because I think it is really cool to give back to the University. It is a great way to showcase my work. Also, it is so refreshing to work with younger people who are passionate about design like I am.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• make something people admire or relate to,
• make connection with new people and my team,
• diversify myself creatively with different projects and organizations.


Greer, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

When I started at Clemson, I was a pre-business major focusing in marketing. After taking a few classes, though, I knew I wanted to work more with my hands. I still wanted to have a creative side to my major, though, and after seeing the success my brother-in-law had with his own graphic design company, I decided to go into graphic communications. Since we have to do two internships for my major, I knew I wanted to stay local if it was possible. My internship at CB+D has been great because it lets me stay close and still be involved on campus while earning my internship credit. It also has been really cool to design some things for my own school.

Outside of school, I love playing sports. I just recently made the club volleyball team here at Clemson and love playing outdoor volleyball, too. I am also involved with the organization Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). I am on the communications servant team in that and love the people I have met so far.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. add work to my portfolio,
2. become confident in designing work for clients,
3. strengthen my organizational and planning skills.


Snellville, G.A.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I believe Graphic Communications is a perfect fit for me because I have always been interested in expressing my creativity through different mediums. I began to see who I wanted to become at an earlier age and I know that consists of freely communicating my ideas. Graphic Communications allows me to do so in a professional and skillful manner. I am continuously amazed by the techniques that I am able to learn from both my professors and my peers. I chose to intern for Campus Banner & Design because I hope to challenge my skills in design, photography and Adobe® Creative Suite software. This internship will allow me to expand on my previous knowledge and learn new techniques, while practicing customer service etiquette. Outside of school and work I participate in many recreational activities; my favorites tend to be softball and soccer. I also take pride in volunteering with several environmental cleanup groups.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• acquire knowledge about specific printing techniques,
• improve upon my skills in photography,
• focus on refining my computer designs.


Spartanburg, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer/Social Media Intern

I was raised in an artistic family with a grandfather and mother who taught me how to draw and paint, and a sister who is a professional photographer. I knew that I wanted to find a major where I could use these skills. I think Graphic Communications is a good major that encompasses creativity with the business and production side as well. I chose this internship so that I could receive more hands-on experience in the industry and learn more about design, production and customer service. Outside of school and work, I love spending time with family and friends, traveling and photography. My camera is always with me!

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. broaden my skills in design and learning what appeals to customers most,
2. gain skills in customer service and know how to deal with customers professionally,
3. learn production skills that will be useful when starting my career.


Fort Mill, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I discovered graphic design in middle school through a computer class that I was enrolled in. Afterward, I decided to major in digital art and design in high school. In these classes I was able to work in Illustrator and Photoshop to create posters and T-shirts for actual clients. I ended up loving all of these classes so much that I decided I wanted to pursue a career in graphic design. I chose to pursue an internship with Campus Banner & Design because of the unique opportunity it offered being an entirely student-run company. This internship also gave me the opportunity to take summer classes to get ahead with school since Campus Banner & Design is located on Clemson’s campus. When I have free time, I love to play basketball, craft, listen to music and play with my adorable chocolate lab puppy.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• be able to effectively communicate with new interns to aid them in learning how to be independent when producing jobs,
• continue advancing my knowledge of the company and industry,
• further develop my design skills.


Potomac, M.D.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I landed in Graphic Communications after a brief stint in Packaging Science and never looked back. I love my major because it allows me to be creative in my classwork, while also preparing me for the business world. I chose to work for Campus Banner & Design largely because I was impressed with the variety of services they are able to provide for their clients. It’s exciting to be able to bring something to life for someone else and spend my spare time in the greatest town I know! I’m obsessed with music. Chances are that if I’m not studying or working, I’m playing around on Spotify or strumming a guitar. I also spend any time I can with the sun with lemonade in my hand.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• develop a stronger knowledge of the business world by interacting first-hand with customers and the full-time staff,
• learn advanced techniques in graphic design, specifically with programs such as Adobe CreativeSuite,
• provide customers with high-quality products that I can use for a portfolio in the future.


Dunwoody, G.A.
Graphic Communications
Graphic Designer

I decided to be a graphic communications major because I could use my creativity to design and complete my school projects. It also looked like a really fun major with lots of opportunities. One of those great opportunities was landing my first internship at CB+D last semester. It was a great place to learn new skills in my major’s field and work with some really great people, which is why I wanted to come back and continue working at CB+D. Outside of my internship and school, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I love to travel, but my favorite place to visit is the beach or the lake. I also enjoy crafting and watching movies.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To advance my skills in design
2. To learn how to produce a great product a customer wants
3. To understand what it’s like to work in a professional work environment


Beaufort, S.C.
General Engineering/Business Management
Supply Chain Intern

My story is actually pretty funny! I initially began my Clemson University career as a General Engineering student. My plan was to complete the General Engineering (GE) curriculum and then declare Industrial Engineering as my major. Well, let’s just say that that did not happen as intended. I completed the GE curriculum and then proceeded to land an internship with a nuclear plant in Aiken, S.C. This internship provided me with valuable experience and gave me a competitive advantage in my future engineering background, but I could tell this field was not one I was passionate about. When I returned to Clemson the following year, I immediately dropped my Industrial Engineering courses. I decided that the business route would be best, and I enrolled into Clemson’s pre-business program. My family really encouraged my decision and helped me get over the fact I was changing my major one semester away from my senior year. I knew I was ultimately making the best decision. Business appeals to me more because of its diverse and broad variety of careers. I want to be able to work in any environment without being limited to just one. I also wanted to be able to contribute my skills and leadership, while influencing my fellow employees and employers. Business Management would be a great way for me to apply my leadership skills, coursework and past experience acquired through my career while attending Clemson.

I chose this internship because supply chain was a large part of Industrial Engineering, and I was very familiar with this aspect of the job. I figured, since I had a background in this area, I would be perfect for the job. I’m actually very excited about working for CB+D because, although I knew I would be doing supply chain work, I never imagined I would be gaining valuable exposure to other areas such as graphic design and customer service.

Outside of school and work, I actually have another internship where I am a Market Research Analyst. Along with a team of seven other incredible Clemson students, I complete research for startup companies in the surrounding area. I’m working on starting my own online business. I also enjoy playing intramural basketball with Clemson club sports. In my spare time, I love spending time with friends and family and, of course, watching Clemson football.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• gain more experience in the graphic design field,
• use my experience and knowledge to help CB+D become more efficient and advanced,
• form valuable relationships while learning as much possible.


Pittsburgh, P.A.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I have always been creative and artistic in the way I do things. I thought having the opportunity to code on computers would lead me to designing video games. Unfortunately, Computer Science just wasn’t my cup of tea. I was inspired to try Graphic Communications after hearing what some of the current students were working on. It sounded a lot like the graphic arts class I took my senior year of high school. I have loved the major ever since switching over. I chose this internship because I believe it will give me a wide range of new skills in the field as well as allow me to work hands-on with clients. This internship also gives me a lot of opportunities to get experience dealing directly with clients through all forms of communication. Outside of work and school, you can most definitely catch me at whatever sporting event is going on. You won’t find many other people with as much Tiger Pride as me!

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. become more comfortable communicating with clients via phone or in person,
2. become a pro at using the printers and other machines in the production room,
3. gain more skills in Adobe CreativeSuite that will be useful later on.


Fort Mill, S.C.

I have always loved learning about science and I plan to go to medical school, so genetics is perfect. I find the topic very interesting!

In addition to science, I also love photography, so I applied for to work as a student photographer for Student Affairs Publications. I love shooting events, so it does not feel like work to me.

I love watching movies, traveling and road trips (especially to the mountains), listening to rock, jazz, blues and punk music and reading.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• take more dynamic pictures,
• expand my skillset in photography,
• make connection with new people when I’m in the office or out shooting.


Johnson City, T.N.
English and Political Science
Writing Intern

I decided to study English and Political Science because I am interested in the connections between international development, civic engagement and inclusion and creative expression.

I love travelling and hope to one day study comparative political development in the United States, Europe and the Middle East while researching those areas. This internship gives me an opportunity to hone my skills in communication and public relations, so it is a great asset for my professional career.

When I’m not studying and working for Campus Rec, I row with the Clemson Crew team and work with the campus arts and literary magazine, the Chronicle.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• work collaboratively with other students,
• help Clemson students learn about the resources available to them on campus,
• learn what it takes in the professional editing field.


Charleston, S.C.
Psychology and Sociology
Marketing Intern

I decided to be a Psychology major because I’ve always loved understanding how people work – how they make decisions, how personality differs from person to person, and how nurture affects a person’s outcome. In my first year, I took a couple of sociology courses and loved those, too. It was like psychology but on a much larger scale. My interests in psychology and sociology, as well as a previous internship in event planning, led me to marketing. I chose this internship because I was looking for a new experience that would teach me more about the ins and outs of marketing. Campus Banner & Design does that on a multi-faceted scale, as they cater to students, organizations, and businesses. Outside of school and work I spend most of my time planning events for the Residence Hall Association (an on-campus organization under Housing and Dining), developing my photography skills, and playing intramural volleyball with my brother and our friends.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• learn as much as possible about marketing,
• apply what I’ve learned in school and in RHA to developing marketing strategies,
• learn to work with a new and divers set of workers..


Charleston, S.C.
Fine Arts
Design Intern

I became an art major because I simply love art. I love designing, building, sculpting, drawing and painting. On the side, I am an Entomology buff, which allows me to find inspiration and incorporate a lot of insect facts and myths into my artwork. I chose this internship because I love graphics, both the science and art sides. I wanted to further my education and skillset so I can hone my ideas into skillful designs and marketing tools. Outside of school and work, I am an athlete and a nerd; running, swimming and biking fill my time when I’m not guiltlessly attending a science fiction convention or making Tolkien fan art.

During my CB+D internship this semester, I would like to

• learn how to operate in a tightly organized group,
• apply both my art skillset and graphic communications skillset into my projects, ,
• walk away everyday knowing I did my absolute best and learned everything I could.


Lexington, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I started Clemson as an art major, but after working with the campus arts and literary magazine, the Chronicle, as a layout design editor, I fell in love with the design aspect. I changed my major to Graphic Communications with a minor in Art. I heard about the internship with Campus Banner & Design and decided to apply because I wanted to gain more professional experience as a graphic designer. Outside of school and work, I really enjoy doing things outdoors like rock climbing and camping. I also like to make crafts and I play volleyball, previously for Clemson Club Sports.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. learn how to communicate better,
2. gain more experience as a graphic designer,
3. explore more in my career goals for the future.


Charleston, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I decided to be a graphic communications major because I have always loved taking various design ideas and combining them into one design piece. I chose this internship because I want to grow and build my portfolio as a designer. I also want to learn the ways of the design and production process, what that looks like for Clemson, and how a student-run business operates. I enjoy painting, playing volleyball, listening to music, and being outdoors.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. Being open to trying bold and innovative design ideas
2. Being open to trying bold and innovative design ideas from other designers and photographers with whom I work
3. Finish my assignments in a timely manner


Long Beach, Calif.
Graphic Communications
Production/Design Intern

I moved to Clemson from the west coast because I was interested in architecture. But after awhile, I thought I was meant for something else. Passionate about design and having a knack for solving problems, graphic communications was a major that really stood out to me. Among other things, I get an opportunity to learn how print works together with graphics, web, and business. When I’m through, I’m sure I’ll be adequately prepared for today’s workforce. However, I believe there is more to learn. Being the oldest of four kids, I am a family girl through and through, but when I need time for myself, I like to go on walks to think or watch movies to relax.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To learn what it takes to provide excellent customer service and high quality work in a print environment
2. To understand the workflow of a design and print company
3. To work with fun and good-natured people


I spent a good part of my childhood and teenage years in Karlsruhe, Germany, but for the last 23 years, Clemson has been my home.

Customer Service Manager

I chose this job because I have always had the urge to express myself creatively—be it through metal sculptures, jewelry or pastel drawings. After working in the tax service industry as a manager for almost 15 years, I have finally found a job at CB+D that allows me to engage the logical left side of my brain as well as the creative right and combine my customer service experience with my artistic background knowledge. Outside of work, you can catch me exhibiting my own creations at local art fairs or enjoying the outdoors. I love kayaking on Lake Hartwell and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. I am a very curious person and will try virtually anything twice.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To enhance customers’ and employees’ experiences with CB+D
2. To ensure a smooth ordering process
3. To learn as much as I can about the design and production aspects of the graphic communications industry


Greenville, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I decided to go into graphics because I took a couple of art classes in high school. Graphic communications seemed like the best fit for me because while I am not the best artist, I do enjoy designing and being creative. I chose this internship because I wanted to be able to work on jobs that would be displayed and used around Clemson’s campus. Outside of school and work, I like to play sports and paint.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To become more comfortable with my design skills
2. To learn more about using Photoshop
3. To design some really cool projects that make clients happy


Varnville, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I started out as a pre-pharmacy major, but after one semester, I knew I needed to find something else. I came across graphic communications after flipping through the course catalogue, and I’ve been in the major ever since. I’ve always loved art and design, so graphic communications is a great fit for me. I chose CB+B for my second internship because I wanted to gain more hands-on experience while also staying close to campus. Outside of school and work, I like to draw, hike, try new foods, and play games.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. Become more confident when working with the printers
2. Expand my design portfolio
3. Absorb as much knowledge as possible


Chester, S.C.
English Writing and Publication Studies
SA Pubs Writing/Editing Intern

Deciding my major was fairly easy because I have always loved words and grammar. Although I’d originally planned on being a music major (which is my current minor), English seemed like a field in which I could see myself thriving and actually making money. I chose this internship because it was a perfect match for my major, and I was excited about the doors it could possibly open for me in the future. Outside of school and work, I love to play and listen to music, read, practice my photography, and go out with my brothers.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To enhance and apply my knowledge of the AP style while working on different writing and editing projects
2. To learn more about photography from the photography interns
3. To bring a new vibe to the workplace


Athens, Ga.
Architecture Intern

I have always enjoyed making objects and learning how they work, so majoring in architecture was the logical next step. I chose the internship with CB+D because it’s a great way to explore things that interest me in a professional environment, rather than just in an academic setting. Outside of school and work, I enjoy taking things apart. I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful friends, watching scary movies, and playing kickball.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To refine my rapid prototyping workflow with the 3D printer
2. To have at least two finished products to include in my portfolio by the end of the semester
3. To continue expanding and networking with people around Clemson


Methuen, Mass.
Architect Intern

I decided to study Architecture because structures and the built environment fascinate me. Throughout my childhood, family road trips to historical sites all across the United States gave me an appreciation for the past and the buildings that went along with it. The internship at CB+D was a blessing, and the design aspect of it really peaked my interest. Outside of school and work, I am an avid sports fan and a nature enthusiast. Being active and outdoors are things I find peaceful and relaxing.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To gain a better understanding of my design process
2. To develop and create meaningful projects that I can add to my portfolio
3. To gain experience that I can use to further my professional career


Albany, Ga.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I had always wanted to do something in a creative field, and when I toured Clemson, I learned about their Graphic Communications department. I knew I found the right program for me and decided to pursue an education in graphics here at Clemson. I chose this internship because I really liked that it was a student run department. I had friends that had had internships with CB+D before, and I really liked that it was still very much a learning environment, but that it also pushed students to try new things and gave them creative freedom as well. Outside of school and work, I serve on the executive board of Alpha Chi Omega, and am passionately involved in our philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness. I also love playing intramural sports and being outside.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To become a better designer. I want to become more familiar with the software and the printing processes
2. To gain as much experience as I can in the industry. From customer service to production, I want to learn as much as I can
3. To have a good time while learning and working. This job is something that I love, and I want this experience to only strengthen that love for what I hope to spend the rest of my life doing


Washington, W.Va.
Business Administration (MBA)
Production Manager

My outgoing personality and fascination of analytics are the main reasons I chose to pursue a degree in business administration. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in May 2014 from Marshall University, I knew that earning a master’s would provide a wider array of future career opportunities. I chose this graduate assistantship at CB+D because I knew the challenging, fast-paced environment would provide a great atmosphere to both learn and work. Outside of school and work, I enjoy fishing, playing golf, and hiking with my black lab, Spencer.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To further develop my leadership skills
2. To learn how to operate Adobe Creative Suite
3. To create networking opportunities


Statesboro, Ga.
Graphic Communications
SA Pubs Orientation Intern

Growing up, I always loved designing projects in school and taking part in classes like the yearbook course in high school. Coming to Clemson, I knew I wanted to study something that would allow me to still be creative, and so far, graphic communications has been a perfect fit! I chose this internship because I have recently found that I enjoy publication design, and I would like to gain more experience with layout design and graphic design in general. Outside of school and work, I love exploring and traveling around the Clemson area with friends, playing tennis, and listening to music.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To gain more experience with design software
2. To improve my creative process when designing
3. To learn more about publication design


North Augusta, S.C.; originally from Salt Lake City, Utah
Biological Sciences

I started my time at Clemson as a chemistry major. I decided on chemistry because I had enjoyed it throughout high school, and I was good at it. At that point in time, I was focusing on getting my degree and going to medical school. My sophomore year, I was able to take Vertebrate Biology, and it was an incredible class. Throughout my entire life, I’ve loved studying animals, especially vertebrates. Taking that class showed me that I was much more passionate about biology and animals, rather than chemistry. At that point, I was also having major doubts about going to medical school. For these two reasons, I decided to change my major from chemistry to biological sciences, and I’m now planning on attending graduate school for vertebrate biology. I chose this internship because one of my friends had worked for Student Affairs as a photographer and recommended that I look into a position with them. When I visited the offices, I was informed that there was a position open as a photography intern, and I wanted that position. An opportunity to get some more experience with my photography was something I had been looking for, and a Clemson affiliated internship will look good on future job applications. Outside of school and work, I enjoy photography and media production. I’m constantly teaching myself new ways to photograph portraits and nature. More recently, I’ve started working on my skills as a videographer. Last year, I began production on a short film that I wrote and directed with my friend who wants to be an actress. My current goal is mastering Adobe After Effect. I’m also working on finishing my short film, as well as writing scripts for future projects.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. Learn more about the art of photography
2. Go to events around campus and take pictures that are deemed good enough for publication
3. Learn some graphic design tips from the graphic design interns


Easley, South Carolina
Graphic Communications

When I was young, I loved to draw artwork and sell it to my family (mom, dad, brother, and grandparents) for outrageous amounts of money. I would draw something as simple as a dolphin and sell it for $20. As I got older, I realized I loved to doodle and continued to draw, so I decided to go into a field that encompassed that. This internship was not in my plans for the spring semester of 2015. I went to the career fair to simply get a free T-shirt from Tiger Town Graphics, and all the perks to CB+D lured me in. It offers experience that very few internships offer, and I am very honored to have received this position. Outside of school and work, I am all about social life. I absolutely love hanging out with my friends, and when I am not hanging out with my college friends, I am hanging out with my high school friends through a ministry called YoungLife. I am a YoungLife leader, and I could not be more thrilled to attend this amazing university.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To build spectacular relationships with my coworkers
2. To meet all a clients’ needs, whatever that may be
3. To enjoy what I do


Greenville, S.C.
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain/Inventory

I am a very conceptual and visual learner, so naturally I enjoy working in environments that include a system or process. I began as a finance major but soon realized that I was more interested in a hands-on field of study like supply chain management and operations. I chose this internship because I wanted to gain some relevant work experience in my area of interest to determine if a career in supply chain management is something I want to pursue. Additionally, I believe that an education cannot be obtained solely in the classroom. You have to apply the material you learn to the real world. Aside from school and work, I like being active outdoors, playing sports, listening to music and reading about history.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To gain real world experience and apply relevant course work
2. To learn more about graphics, design and how CB+D operates as a student-run business
3. To increase my ability to problem-solve through collaboration and interaction with others


Orangeburg, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I have always been a perceptive, analytical and creative person who enjoyed forming ideas and communicating messages through computer graphics. Recognizing these attributes about myself early led me to pursue a career in the field of graphics. I am currently a fourth-year student at Clemson University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic communications with a double minor in business administration and communications studies.

Aside from designing and school, I enjoy sharpening my photography skills with the Photography Club on campus, as well as my saxophone skills by playing for Clemson University’s jazz combo and concert band. I also enjoy reading, writing and spending time with others conversing about new concepts and ideas.

I am excited for my internship with Campus Banner and Design because of the opportunities to produce marketing and advertising products through different mediums. I am thrilled to hone in and develop my design, production and customer service talents through my internship with the Campus Banner and Design team.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To expand my communication abilities through design, writing and verbal communication
2. To enhance my knowledge of the inner workings and technical aspects of a printing and design business
3. To create each project to a degree that challenges my abilities and satisfies the client


Lugoff, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I am a junior in graphic communications at Clemson. When I was in high school, I would have never imagined that I would be going to Clemson University or even be in the graphic communications field. I started off in the computer science major, but I am not the one for coding. I felt like I wasn’t able to be very creative with just coding. So, once I stuck my foot in the graphics field to check what all the hype was about, I was sucked in and I couldn’t be happier in this field. I felt right at home.

When I am not in class or working on homework, I enjoy being outside hiking or playing sports. I love being outside and being active. I am never the one to be sitting down for long periods of time when I don’t have to be. On rainy days, however, I can be found watching movies or TV shows. A few of my favorite movies include: Lucy, any Marvel movies and Star Wars.

I am excited for this internship at CB+D because I can see where I would like to go in the graphics field mainly due to the fact that we will be a part of projects from the beginning to the end. Also, the environment at CB+D is incredible. I thrive in a group work environment, and when working on a project, it is extremely important to get multiple people’s thoughts and critiques on your work.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To further my knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop
2. To gain the knowledge of how a business flows from the first interaction with a client to delivering the product to the client
3. To better understand where I want to go in the graphics field


Walhalla, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I am a junior graphic communications major at Clemson University, and for most of my life, I have lived thirty minutes away from campus. Having moved from Iowa to Walhalla, S.C., when I was seven, Clemson always seemed like a big city to me. I know better now, but I had fallen in love with the city already when I was younger and never wanted to go anywhere else. Discovering the graphic communications field was the icing on top of the cake.

Other than my involvement in designing and printing, I am also interested in photography, reading as many books as I can and writing. I also enjoy cooking, although I am not particularly talented at it, and drawing.

My position at CB+D will be my first internship and I am extremely excited about the experience and knowledge this business will give me. I am hoping the internship will enlighten me on which fields I want to continue in after graduation and continue to increase my love of creating.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To increase my experience with designing in various programs and for various products
2. To learn about the daily operations and expectations of a professional workplace
3. To narrow down the areas of graphics I would like to explore further


Sumter, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I am currently a rising junior pursuing my B.A. in graphic communications at Clemson University. I am especially attracted to the creativity that goes into this industry and dream of designing my own brand of greeting cards one day.

Home is wherever my family and dogs are–which happens to be in Sumter, S.C. I am 20 years old and the youngest of three children. In my spare time, you may find me running, reading, knitting or eating key lime pie.

I am excited to learn more about customer service, design and production at CB+D.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To have a clearer understanding of how my major translates into the real world
2. To be more confident in my abilities and remember that I am capable
3. To be quick on my feet in terms of problem-solving with clients


Olathe, Kan.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I was raised in a suburb in Kansas and was pretty lost as to what I wanted to do with my life. I decided that I wanted to do something creative with computers, so when I moved to South Carolina last summer and found out about Clemson’s graphics program it was a great fit for me.

In my free time I love to read, watch movies and be active. I have two cacti that I care for as well as my dog, Lucy, that I love to go home to visit.

My internship with CB+D will allow me to further explore my creative side and help me to improve my designing and customer services skills. I will learn so much from CB+D’s team.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To develop exceptional customer service skills
2. To explore new and different ways of utilizing software
3. To be accepting and open to a variety of ideas


Nashville, Tenn.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I am a senior in the graphic communications major at Clemson University. I fell in love with the GC program the first time I stepped in Godfrey and have been captivated by its many facets ever since. I began as a student assistant to Mr. Rose in the fall of my freshman year, which has been an indescribably valuable and fun opportunity. I also have the privilege of serving as a TA and representing the department on the CBBS Student Advisory Board.

I am passionate about photography, books and movies and spend as much time outdoors as possible. When I’m not out kayaking or cooking delicious baked goods, I spend my time walking sweet old ladies across the road and saving tiny kittens from trees. Some have called me a “Renaissance man,” and they weren’t wrong.

I am excited to have my second internship at CB+D because it means I will be able to graduate. I look forward to the opportunities this internship will present to me as I grow in my knowledge of design and its execution. I am also excited to explore the inner workings of a business and apply the lessons I have learned to my own career.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To enhance my graphic design abilities
2. To foster an understanding of diverse design styles and applications
3. To attain a deeper knowledge of the digital printing process


Columbia, S.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I was born and raised in Columbia, S.C. Growing up, I was always interested in music. By the time I reached my senior year of high school, I was involved with the school band as well as many graphic communications classes. When it came time to decide what to do in college, I was torn between music and graphic communications. Thankfully, I chose the latter. This decision led me to Clemson University, and to this day, I’m fully convinced that it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Even though I’ve made the decision to quit the school band and further my studies with graphic communications, my musical side hasn’t completely died out. While I don’t play the saxophone much anymore, I enjoy dabbling with the piano and the guitar. I also enjoy singing, but I’ve been told that I shouldn’t do that anymore. My other interests include the outdoors. I love hiking and spending time at the beach and on the lake with family and friends.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To improve my designing skills
2. To gain experience with new printing methods
3. To become more confident in the designs that I am able to produce


Charlotte, N.C.
Graphic Communications
Design Intern

I am a senior at Clemson, and it has always been my dream to graduate a Clemson Tiger. I will be graduating in December 2015 with a graphic communications degree with a minor in business administration. It took me a few years to find my destiny with graphic communications. I actually did a year of engineering, as well as a year of architecture before falling into my current major. Now that I have found GC, I am having the time of my life. I love how the major challenges me every day and requires me to use all possible avenues for research and new techniques.

When I’m not in Godfrey working on my graphic skills, I’m usually at rugby practice or playing with my cuddly cat Tigger. I’ve played rugby for about ten years now and hope to continue playing long after my prime years. I’m a social butterfly, but I also really enjoy taking long naps.

CB+D is my second internship. My first was with CCL Label in Charlotte, N.C. At CCL, I worked on pre-press tasks making sure all products were ready to be printed. I learned a lot from that internship and hope that CB+D only adds to my knowledge and experience.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To develop my skills as a designer using the Adobe software
2. To develop my production skills further
3. To develop my customer service skills further


Sumter, S.C.
Management Information Systems
Supply Chain Management Intern

I chose my major because I was into technology and computers, and being in the management field (information systems emphasis) stuck out to me. It’s been fun and has always been something new everyday. I chose this internship because even though supply chain isn’t my exact major, I happened to take a few classes that were specific to it. I learned a lot and it caught my attention, so when I saw the opening for the intern position, I wanted to see exactly what the job entails. Outside of school and work, I play baseball, so most of my time is devoted to that. When I’m not doing anything baseball related, I like to go out and experience new things.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To understand the daily life of an employee and get experience in that aspect
2. To learn how to problem solve in real life situations and eventually feel comfortable in as many situations as possible with this job
3. To be able to learn how to work with others while on a timeline for multiple clients


Lexington, S.C
Graphic Communications

I decided to major in graphic communications because I enjoy both problem solving and creativity. I wanted to find something that would make me happy and content throughout the future. I want to be innovated and energized every day I walk into the office door of my future career. I chose this internship to familiarize myself with CB+D before this coming fall where I will be interning as a graphic designer. I was more than ecstatic to hear they had a photography position open for this summer for I have a passion to capture moments in creative ways. I believe it to be a great opportunity to improve my skills and express my passion all in one.

I love creating artwork, whether it’s photography, painting, drawing, etc. I am also an outdoorsy person. I love anything with action. I am often known as a busy bee. I like to keep going and doing things. I love to run and play soccer. I love being surrounded by my friends and family. I am very much so a people person. I also have two other jobs. I work at a frozen yogurt shop and as a teaching assistant for a graphic communications course.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To have my ideas and designs pushed and pulled to opposite corners, so I can see the full range of what I am capable of creating
2. I want to improve my photography abilities, ultimately creating a style of my own
3. I want to dip my feet in the graphic communications and artistic work fields and solidify my dreams and goals for the future


Ghaziabad, India
Computer Science
Web Intern

Ever since I first discovered the wonderful and exciting world of computers, I have dreamt of becoming a computer professional. I haven’t really thought of any alternative career and have been focused on this dream since I was in high school. During high school, I was fascinated with electronic gadgets, computers being at the top of the list. Soon, designing and building basic programs started as a hobby. Along the way, however, I realized that the problem solving aspect of making computer programs was what I enjoyed the most. Computer science was a natural career choice after this.

Working under Student Affairs Publications will not only add to my list of working experiences but it will also expose me to working in a professional environment. Learning the importance of teamwork in a professional environment and learning professional ethics are two of the major reasons why I chose this internship. Outside of school and work, I try to keep myself busy during the entire day. I usually go to the gym or spend time with my friends watching NBA or a soccer match. Also, I love travelling so I usually plan something for weekends.

I have three goals while working at CB+D:

1. To invest my skill set and enhance it while working on different projects and assignments
2. To gain the most out of this internship in terms of knowledge by working under the supervision of experts
3. To serve as much as I can to the CB+D department by completing various projects and assignments